Ritual Relief Black Cherry Microdose Chews

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These natural chews are made with premium psilocybin distillate offering a balanced high with a clean discrete taste. Each pack comes with 4x250mg Mango Chews. Nootropic ingredients such as Lion’s Mane and Ashwagandha Root was added for an extra boost of brain food for positive energy, focus, and overall well being.  .  .  .  .   .  .  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  . . . . . . . .

Our Chews are rolled in dried coconut milk for healthy fats, and less sugar than traditional chews.

We recommend starting with 1 Gummy = 250mg then adding to enhance your experience.

Ingredients: Dried Coconut Milk 5mg | Lion’s Maine 80mg | Ashwagandha Root 80mg | Psilocybin Distillate 250mg

**Allergy Notice: Gummies contain Gelatine and are dusted with Coconut milk**

37 reviews for Ritual Relief Black Cherry Microdose Chews

  1. William J. Gonzalez

    My favorite

  2. John M. Kucharski

    mpressed! arrived before estimated delivery date 🙂 and they definitely pack a punch ! great mushrooms i’ll probably buy from this site when i’m running low again

  3. Susan T. Cooley

    The product arrived in excellent storage condition and on schedule. Yesterday I tested this type of mushroom. It was my first experience and I really liked it. It was fun.

  4. James L. Zeigler

    Always enjoyable without the worry of being overwhelmed.

  5. Christine T. Denny

    Christine T. Denny

  6. Russell M. Woolard


  7. Michael M. Southern

    Amazing quality and fast shipping.

  8. Lana D. Morrisey

    Super great high, it had me right on the edge.

  9. Daryl M. Levesque

    Actually came in, in good time
    too, nice.

  10. Marco R. Little

    Small quantity only

  11. Bethany F. Barton


  12. Geoffrey S. Clark

    Cant go wrong with this golden teachers, also my go to strain for microdosing.. always excellent quality when purchasing here

  13. Jimmie R. Kellum

    Always a consistent experience!

  14. Gerard A. Hurd

    As a first timer, golden teacher was a pleasant surprise. Excellent customer service and quick shipping. Definitely recommend this company!

  15. Mary C. Windham

    Très satisfait du service rapide de livraison et de la qualité du produit. La quantité exacte a été livrée et la présentation du produit sans reproches. Belle découverte.

  16. Rex L. Arana

    fresh and intact

  17. Deborah C. Austin

    Good quality product fast delivery

  18. Maryann C. Cheney

    Really good

  19. Melvin S. Jones

    Amazing as always

  20. Jordan T. Lumpkin

    Consistent quality! Fave variety, and super quick shipping every time!

  21. John E. Washington

    Nice vibes

  22. Melvin S. Jones

    Favourite strain, always consistent!

  23. Betsey W. Barnes

    Easy and fast ordering of a great product, as advertised. Highly recommended.

  24. Donna M. Gibbs

    Quick delivery. Great product

  25. Brendan D. McClain

    As usual…enlightening.

  26. Aisha S. Hass

    This was my third purchase and each time the service was very professional, delivered on time and the quality is outstanding. You can definitely trust Organic Shroom as reliable supplier.

  27. Lee B. Oakes

    As expected if you’ve tried before. easy entry

  28. Mildred R. Williams

    Service was excellent, communicative and fast. Product arrived in 3 days across Canada. It was a very lovely trip. However it was not as strong as I expected. I did all 7 grams for a very mice trip, but it was not the ego death I was looking for.

  29. Michael H. Garcia

    Potent and reliable

  30. Percy D. Seelye

    My first time trying it as an experienced user. Now one of my favourites. Strong too.

  31. Andrea M. Roberts

    Anyone looking to explore pagan knowledge I highly recommend take with friends and enjoy nature for best results.

  32. Thomas M. Bailey

    First-ever experience with magic mushrooms. A life-altering experience with these Golden Teachers to say the least. Arrived super fast. Super safe, and discretely.
    Alone in my bedroom, I took two shrooms together. Started tripping within 30 minutes of listening to psychedelic music. After maybe, 15 more minutes, I was pulled instantly inside, and BANG:
    “Welcome to the Inner Universe, Welcome to the Shamanic Order.” I turned into – and experienced my own self as – a fetus, a frog, a honey bee, a falcon, a tree until the entire universe converged to a single point. The view becomes the viewer. And then God Head. Cosmic Laughter. Hahahaha.
    I supposedly saw all or most of my reincarnations including being an alien or a cosmonaut from a distant future universe. I’m Muslim by faith but saw/met Hindu gods and felt no difference. There is no difference. All is One. One is All.
    After a grand cosmic roller-coaster ride, I finally heard something like, “We’re now returning your soul/spirit/energy to your earthly body”. I opened my eyes and found myself back in my room again. In my body again, to be precise, which I now call, my Earthsuit. So, the first trip lasted for four hours.
    The second trip – four days later – never got started. The same doze would now only give me a slight buzz or light visuals but no lift-off. Maybe, I had built tolerance or maybe the Golden Teachers bade me farewell… But I still carry that cosmic laughter with me, it sounds like a god chuckling at the Cosmic Joke. I often do that while driving alone. Guess, it’s an everlasting gift from the Golden Teachers. Only Love & Respect ❤️
    P.S.: Later, watched a documentary and learned that mushrooms are a cross between living and non-living things. They are alive. The fungi were the first to rule the planet earth. They have witnessed a lot.

  33. Aaron C. McDonald

    Lovely product, caps have a gorgeous sheen, good quality!

  34. Crystal E. Layman

    I micro-dosed (0.5-1g) and was able to feel the full effects (for the amount I took). I say they did their job well, Thank you!!

  35. Erica J. Krupa

    Always quality product with Organic Shroom. Quick and smooth order process too. Thanks so much!

  36. Richard D. Crenshaw

    Loved it!!!

  37. Eva U. Lord

    Introspective, silky, mellow, warm, lucid, and energetic. like a deeper, clearer thinking indica without the fuzzy mind of thc. No hallucinations or body discomfort. Just an enhanced perception of color and time/space. if you are looking for a blow-out psychedelic experience, these may not be the way to go. If you are looking for a lucid subtle transformative experience, these are a great start. great product and service though they might want to reconsider the shipping cost on smaller quantities, 5 stars nonetheless.

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