Mondo® Grow Kit McKennaii XL

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24 reviews for Mondo® Grow Kit McKennaii XL

  1. Rudy L. Brim

    Amazing experience very good quality!!!

  2. Patricia D. Rivers

    Good buzz lasted a long time very hallucinating

  3. Linda J. Hancock

    Yes i like this one wish i can get more of it if there is a good deal then let me know

  4. Ashley K. Pugh

    easy to order, quick to deliver… seamless

  5. Ann C. Herrmann

    Came quickly and provided an amazing first trip

  6. Bob T. Summerville

    I now understand

  7. John P. Gibbs

    Good quality for special feature, enjoying the vacation

  8. Brian K. Morneau

    Very happy with this, thank you SO much! Arrived within a couple days of making purchase. Great!

  9. Rosa T. Jones

    It was ok

  10. Jose G. Gaines

    It was not good . Ate all got like no effects.

  11. Megan V. Engel


  12. Amanda G. Lewis

    As this was my first introduction to “shrooms”, and conservative with the amount (my guess, 2grams), I was very satisfied with the results. The taste and texture was on the nutty and chewy side. Surprisingly palatable since hearing differently from experienced users. Within an hour or so felt a deep sense of calm and connection in a natural setting. I definitely recommend this to first time users!

  13. Gloria R. Blackman

    Not over powering.

  14. Michael M. Aldridge


  15. Barbara R. Beaty

    It was good, really good!

  16. Amanda T. Browning

    Not as potent as I would have liked for the price.

  17. Julia R. Brenner

    Good, first time was stronger than I expected

  18. Patricia N. Crawford

    The delivery was fast , and packaging was great

  19. Carrie E. Daugherty

    Super strong, high quality, best quality I’ve found. Super good stuff, can’t recommend enough!

  20. Alice D. Billings

    First timer with Shrooms and so far am pretty amazed! My first does was only 1.75g and the experience was very colourful and insightful. The initial hour into it was a bit of a challenge though because my body wanted to reject the new food. I made sure I was in touch with someone I trusted and could help me out if needed (didn’t know how it would go etc)
    I kept an audio recording going of the progressive experience which lasted a good 5 hours.

    The “sacred geometry” (specifically the “Metatron’s cube” and the the 64 grid tetrahedron also known as the “Grid of Life” ) was pretty distinctive and intense when my eyes closed. It was as if I was inside the 3D geometry. Although that was neat and fascinating I followed Organic Shroom Canada’s advice and focused on my body and care.

    Funny enough every 1 minute or so I kept yawning and felt how tired I was in reality, I wanted to go sleep so much the first hour but my head trip was spinning a bit too much for comfort and I simply did not want to make it worst etc.

    It’s as if I could see through my skin better, I could distinguish the areas that needed attention or care. (An overlaid geometric skin seemed to come in and out of focus.) Strange enough I know but I could see the area my knees more red, my left hand where a bee stung from the day before was all too apparent, which was still a bit inflamed at the time. I took a picture just to see after if it was like so normally (the camera and video showed only even skin colour) So there was a sense of; “Oh my God I can see where I need healing” My skin was so beautiful and it was as if I felt the Fascia (The thin casing of connective tissue that surrounds and holds every organ, blood vessel, bone, nerve fibre and muscle in place) It felt soothing and very serene actually.

    I did take a second dose since then (1g) and although not as intense in colour, geometry and transparency it was very healing overall. The serene feeling was just as beautiful as the first trip and had no tummy or heart burn.

    I’ll stop here to say I appreciate Organic Shroom Canada’s advise in the FAQ’s and their fast shipping. I’ll keep documenting my experiences and read more about Shrooms that is given.

  21. Gloria R. Blackman

    Not over poweringGreat experience that gives a nice light and pleasant time.

  22. Annie G. Davis

    My go to favourite!

  23. Joshua F. Dominguez

    Blue Foot Mushroom seriously rocked. With the fall colors I felt like I’d floated into a Monet. Thanks

  24. John A. Ayala

    Mostly stems…. High was good but over half the bag was stems without caps

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