Magic Truffles Tampanensis

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14 reviews for Magic Truffles Tampanensis

  1. Anita C. Sanchez

    Great entry level mushroom with some awesome effects. Just took over a gram for my first time & had a very mild but good trip. Visuals were nice

  2. Janet W. Robinson

    I was skeptical as this was my first order from Canada Shrooms but I received my order, as advertised, with very fast shipping. Since placed two more orders; one already delivered within 48 hours of placing it. Very impressed.

  3. Stephanie N. Bugarin

    Received order very quickly and well packaged. Product was exactly as described. GREAT! will order again.

  4. William M. Nelson

    Just want to say they fix my order and gave my wife and a treat stellar company I will be dealing with them again I just started them a few min ago I’m stoked

  5. Darrell C. May

    Very fast delivery. Last time I took ‘shrooms was nearly 30 years ago, when I had a positively life-changing but terrifying and uncontrolled trip. I tend to react strongly to mind-altering substances, so I was very cautious with dosage. Day 1, microdose of 0.25 g – nothing. Day 2, 0.75 g – nothing. Day 3, took 1,5 g – then made the mistake of spending it with a group (nobody else knew or took anything), and was left frustrated, wishing only to be able to concentrate on the beautiful, soft, subtle visuals in the clouds and the lake water. Day 4, 1 g, spent walking in familiar and safe woods alone with my dogs. After an hour, felt a wonderful gentle sensation of clarity and understanding, which lasted over 3 hours. No visuals. It was a warm, comforting and enjoyable experience, causing no intoxication whatsoever. Absolutely recommend Golden Teacher to beginners who might be a little fearful. I’ll be ordering it again.

  6. Fred R. Hayes

    Great experience!

  7. Eleanor J. Pak

    These have become my “go to” strain. I recommend them to anyone with experience who’s looking for an extra kick, and wants to laugh their ass off. Not recommend for 1st timers.

  8. Cory B. Woodward


  9. Michael C. Thomas

    3 day shipping was very convenient, very happy with my purchase

  10. Terry C. Gragg

    Saturation complete

  11. Sung T. Riddles

    Can’t wait.

  12. Phyllis J. Pitts

    I didn’t have any trouble taking them and no upset stomach
    I think the only complaint was my trip wasn’t very long

  13. Sharon W. Taylor

    Absolutely beautiful

  14. Ronald V. McGriff


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