FreshMushrooms® grow kit Amazon

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19 reviews for FreshMushrooms® grow kit Amazon

  1. Richard L. Gama

    Excellent quality!

  2. Tiffany A. Phillips

    They looked amazing and I’m excited to start micro dosing 🙂

  3. Kyle M. Smoot

    Good product

  4. Susan W. Scala

    Product came well sealed and packaged. It was also very fresh. Will order from here again

  5. Brian P. Vickers

    Excellent mushrooms. Beautiful, fully intact caps. Perfect for micro-dose.

  6. James H. Reeves

    Service was great. Price seems competitive and most importantly product works as advertised. Thanks.

  7. Christine M. Freund

    Haven’t tried them yet, waiting for the weekend. Should be a memorable experience. The shipping was very fast and the mushrooms smell good.

  8. Timothy J. Muldoon

    Great service and product,the only think I’m bit confused about is high shipping fees for the weight,I would definitely shop more if these rates were better

  9. Sherrill B. Gandy

    Quick delivery and nice product as mentioned in the description. Only thing that can be improved is the minimum amount for free delivery .

  10. Sarah M. Combs

    Also good! Will buy again

  11. Jose M. Conway

    They looked amazing and I’m excited to start micro dosing 🙂

  12. Juan E. Holcomb

    Best kind sure 🙂

  13. Eula R. Huffman

    Nice time

  14. Josette L. Maly

    Excellent products. Dried and packed well. Super fast costumer service and shipping. Highly recommend buying from these guys.

  15. Donna R. Perry

    good product, even came slightly over-weight

  16. Dominic E. Cardella

    Toute en douceur calme et centrée dans la l’objectifs.

  17. Wendy D. Brady

    What a great site! Awesome products and speedy delivery. I just started microdosing and the FreshMushrooms® grow kit Amazon are perfect for me. I also macrodosed some of them and the trip left me feeling incredible.

  18. Sarah M. Combs

    Nice nice nice. Just a nice feeling. Some visuals. Very comfortable feeling. Shipping was fast!!

  19. Deborah R. Fernandes

    “Ah-h-h Grasshopper, you must learn to listen to your inner voice…”

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